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In a piece on the…

  • a critique of Advaita’s monism
  • K. Murali (ajith)

(This essay is from the forthcoming book ‘Critiquing Brahmanism — A Collection of Essays’, being published by the Foreign Languages Press, Paris. The book launch is on Sunday, August 30, India: 6:30AM, North America: 9:00PM EST/6:00PM PST. Interested persons are encouraged to register at https://docs.google.com/forms/u/4/d/1_rfkHBgrldKyobqylNVU-nITzuZZtdrMcoJKaMsTGl8/)

  • “Like a jackal trapped in a lion’s gaze, all other sciences cower before Vedanta.” Such is Brahmanism’s boast about its core philosophy.1 However, the history of conflicts and contestations among various South Asian philosophical schools belies this arrogance. Most of these schools were idealist. Materialist ones like…

k.murali (ajith)

Migrant workers long walk home

These quotes were taken from issues of the Economic and Political Weekly (EPW).1 The consumerist glee seen in the…


Maoist ideologue

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