Task of a Communist Party in the face of foreign aggression

“It is not the task of the Communist Party to support Yahya Khan even after foreign aggression has started. The task of the Communist Party is to fight foreign aggression by rousing the broad peasant masses through class struggle and to give the call for unity with Yahya Khan. Even on this issue of unity it should be borne in mind that the leadership must remain in the hands of the Communist Party, that is, this unity should be achieved in the interest of the broad masses. In the face of foreign aggression it is of the utmost importance that the Communist Party should lead struggles independently and on its own initiative and should build up its own army. At the time of foreign aggression the Communist Party must take upon itself the entire responsibility for leadership in the revolutionary war. The Yayha Khans would unite only when the Communist Party has succeeded in uniting the broad masses of the people through its independent work — work done on its own initiative — and has succeeded in building up its own army. That is why the Communist Party has to combat attacks on two fronts — foreign aggression from one side and the attack of the Yahya Khans from the other.”

from ‘Pakistan and the Role of the Communist Party ’June 29,1971, Liberation, Volume 4, № 4




Maoist ideologue

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K. Muralidharan

K. Muralidharan

Maoist ideologue

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